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Tribute to 


Loved Ones.

Honor Flight Southland would like to recognize donations made in the memory or honor of a loved one. We are proud to be able to recognize these men and women in some small way. The individuals listed below have had a donation made to Honor Flight Southland in their honor or memory. Please take a moment to read over the names and think about the sacrifices they have made to our country's freedom, because freedom is not free.

If you would like to make a donation in memory or honor of a loved one, please insert a note with your check mailed to the Honor Flight Southland office.

Thank you.

In Loving Memory of:

Raymond Goode, US Air Force LTC WWII, Korean War, 1922-2015

By Phil Goode

William Jackson Wray, US Navy,  1916-1978

By Delores and Rita Wray

Betty L. (Jones) Van Doren, Radioman, US Navy, 1923-1994

By Sandi and Craig Van Doren

Matthew Frank Valenti, Sr., US Army, 1923-1987

By Luci and Chris Miller

Robert Howard Miller, US Navy, 1926-1966

By Luci and Chris Miller

George W. Verghis, US Army, Lt. Col., 1922-2007

By Louise and Michael Verghis

Dennis E. Smith, US Army, 1923-1995

By Louise and Michael Verghis

Jack Stevens, US Army Captain WWII, 1916-1970

By Rebecca Mincarelli

Herbert M. Preston, US Army, 1919-2000

By Patricia and Gary Haas

James L. Rieff, US Marine Corp, Corporal, Iwo Jima 1923-1973

By Joanne Rieff and Sons Jim, Michael and Patrick

John T. McNamara, US Army, Korea, 1933-2004

By LaRue McNamara

Donald Parker, US Army Air Corps., 1922-2002

By Jane Parker

George M. Moll, US Army, 1924-1980

By Taryn and Dean Moll

Thomas F. Gamble, US Army Air Corps., 1925-2014

By Gerald, Susan and Dermot Gamble and Richard and Kathy Lomax

Ernest Holland Pond, US Army, 1918-2015

By Harry L. Hofferbert

Roman Ohnemus

By Patricia and Gary Haas

Al Bush

By Gregory Bush

Frank Eyre, US Army

By James and Marie Eyre

Robert Miller

By Marcey L. Miller-Saeger

Thomas Best, Air Force
By Jill Harmon

Rev. Dr. O. Lee Thomas, US Army Air Corp, 1918-1996

By Park Bixby Tower, Inc.

Dr. Paul D. Adkins, US Army, 1924-2007

By Park Bixby Tower, Inc.

Major Herbert Benjamin Goldman, US Army Medical Corp, 1911-1995

Lt. Colonel Arthur Robinson Spence, US Army, 1912-2003

Both by Andrew and Patricia Goldman

Charles Fairfax, US Army, 1926-1992

By Barbara Fairfax

Elias Suarez Cuevas, US Army, US Air Force, 1925-2016

By Michelle and Michael Millan

John L. Riley, US Air Force, 1925-2017

By Barbara Fairfax

Eugene Ganley, US Navy Seabees, 1924 to 2017

By Patricia Balen

Earl Cox, US Navy, 1928 to 2020

By Eugenia and Keith Kawashima

In Honor Of:


Dermot Gamble, US Navy-Seabees

By Gerry and Susan Gamble

George E. Van Doren, US Navy

By Sandi and Craig Van Doren

Walter E Harrison, US Army, Purple Heart, WWII Soldiers Medal

By Doreen Harrison

Robert Krieski

By Jamie and Chris Palmer

In Honor of William Thomas Grant, US Navy

By James Grant

James E. Leahy, US Air Force

By Jim and Pat Leahy

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